Master 3500 | Edge Profiling Router

Master 3500

It is an optional which can be mounted on a Master 3500 machine with rollers,
substituting the gliding plate with rollers.

Master 3500 is a portable electric contouring machine with “Water System” base board which creates a gliding water film between the machine and the slab. This system immediately eliminates the stone pieces broken during the working without scratching the surfaces. The Master 3500 machine is built with high-quality material, only coming from the best suppliers. This product is produced with the highest standards and is certified by international and european standardization organizations.

It is an optional which can be mounted on the Master 3500 machine in order to
work both on polished and rough slabs. It can be dismounted with ease.


Triple Vaccum Device

It is the perfect solution to rectify the internal hole of bathroom tops. The suction
cups hold the PVC template on the surface, while the Master machine makes the
hole by following its shape.

Lifting Support

By positioning the Master 2800 or 3500 machine on the lifting support it is possible to rectify, shape and polish the hole’s internal edge of a top. The machine
will then glide in the internal part of the hole, thus simplifying the work. Spindle
extention included.

Conversion Unit

Safety electrical conversion unit MEM3000 – 220v or 380v constructed according to the international safety regulations. It can
be connected to MASTER 3500 and LASER 4000 machines.